国産ジーンズ発祥の地、児島。弊社Betty Smithは国内初のレディースジーンズのメーカーとして1962年にこの地で誕生しました。以来、レディースジーンズのトップメーカーとしての地位を築き上げる一方で、2002年、ジーンズの残り布を再利用した小物のブランド<エコ・ベティ>を創設。翌年には「ジーンズ・ミュージアム」を開館。同年、ジーンズのフルオーダー(<オーダージーンズ>)をスタートさせるなど、この半世紀の間、ジーンズ業界に新しい価値観を提示しつづけてきました。今後も常に新たな試みに挑戦する企業姿勢は変わることはありません。Betty Smithでは、“日本のジーンズ文化の創造”を企業のミッションと定め、次の半世紀も積極的に新しい価値観を創出していきたいと考えています。

Kojima, the birthplace of the domestically-manufactured jeans in Japan... In 1962, our company was also established in this place as the first domestic manufacturer of lady’s jeans. Since the establishment, while the company has built an excellent status as a leading manufacture for lady’s jeans, it also brought a new industrial perspective and successfully developed a brand of small articles called “Eco Betty” in 2002 as recycling leftover cloth from a jeans manufacturing. In the following year, “Jeans Museum” as the first jeans museum in Japan was opened. The company has also been continuously proposing new values to the jeans industry for the past half century while it took an initiative to start manufacturing the world’s first “Fully custom-made jeans” in the same year. Our company’s spirit as always challenging for a new endeavor will not be changed at all from now on. At Betty Smith, it defines “Creating a Japanese jeans culture” as a corporate mission, then we certainly would like to actively create new values for the next half century on a continuous basis.
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